Dispatcher Services

When you work with On The Mapp Dispatch Services,
you know you are getting the best rates with the most reliable carriers.

What is a Dispatcher?

A dispatcher is a person or company that brings together a shipper and a qualified carrier. A substantial amount of over-the road- freight transportation is handled by dispatchers. On The Mapp Dispatch Services lets you focus on other critical aspects of your business, optimizing productivity and providing you with a competitive advantage. Companies are looking for seamless freight and on time delivery, and this is where On The Mapp Dispatch Services can help. We can handle complicated lanes and supply capacity for your company’s shipping needs through our dispatching solutions.
Choose a team as dedicated to your success as you are:

If you drive a dry van, we’re the truck dispatching company that will keep your trailer (and your wallet) full. We schedule routes from coast to coast and every day of the week. Keep your schedule full with the team at Dispatcher Network.

The country needs construction materials of all kinds more than ever. Our flatbed routes are filled. We need your help to keep the product moving and our shippers happy. The team at Dispatcher Network is there to help you succeed, every day

The world lives on what’s in your refrigerator truck. From food to medicine to beverages, your reefer is vital to the economy. Let Dispatcher Network help you fill your schedule every week the reefer runs that will make you great money

Making Your
Truck Driver’s
Life Better

Irregular schedules, bad pay, no time at home, tons of paperwork – being a truck driver isn’t easy. In fact, it’s often a thankless job.

Unlike the major fleets, you don’t have someone to handle everything so you can pay attention to the road and get home. Until now!

The team at Dispatcher Network works for you. We find the loads, negotiate the prices, and schedule you when you want to work.

When you’re more successful as an owner/operator or small fleet, the more successful we are as YOUR dispatcher.